Insurance & Protection
for your peace of mind

Insurance is provided by Lonham Marine Underwriters Ltd

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before proceeding

The “Lonham Marine Underwriters Ltd” Policy is a dedicated insurance policy for Removal and Storage contractors to cover their customers effects against most risks whilst they are moving and storing them.
Why should I take out Insurance?

Your Removers will take every care to protect your goods. Unfortunately accidents can occur.
This is why you are recommended to take advantage of the special arrangements made with leading insurance companies who underwrite the Removers and General policy. If you do not
wish to benefit from the insurance then any responsibility the Removers may have to you for loss or damage will be governed by their Trading Conditions which may limit both the circumstances and amounts available for compensation.

Who are the Insurers?

The Removers and General policy is underwritten by Lonham Marine Underwriters Ltd

How do I arrange Insurance?

This is quite simple. All you have to do is to accept the option shown on the Remover’s estimate or quotation form, check that you have inserted a correct valuation for your effects,
and to pay the Removers charges in full. This document then becomes your confirmation of

How do I value my Goods?

The insurance is not “new for old” but on an indemnity basis which means that you must declare the value your goods for their current used value taking into account their condition
and age. If you do not declare a value then insurance cover for your goods will be limited to £5,000. It is essential that you do not undervalue your goods as the settlement of any claim
may be reduced. Please do not ask your Remover for guidance about your valuation. They are not valuers, and the responsibility for declaring the sum insured is yours

What will Insurers pay for?

The insurance covers loss or damage to your goods whilst in the care of the Removers during removal and/or storage. Cover ceases as soon as your goods are delivered to you.

Storage only : If you do not require collection and delivery from store, only utilising the
storage facility, then cover whilst in store is restricted and will not include Theft or Accidental
Loss or Damage.

Are there any Exclusions?

Yes. Every insurance policy has exclusions. There are certain goods that cannot be accepted
for insurance and certain eventualities which are not insured. These exclusions and restrictions
are clearly listed overleaf and you are recommended to familiarise yourself with these before
Your attention is particularly drawn to the following exclusions and conditions, which are frequently misunderstood :

  • Exclusions 6 and 7, which limit Insurer’s liability for goods which you pack yourself.
  • Exclusion 8, which excludes the unexplained failure of electrical, electronic or mechanical items unless they have also suffered external physical damage.
  • The “Pairs and Sets” condition, which limits policy liability to the value of a damaged item
    without reference to its value within the pair or set of which it is part.
What if I have a claim?

You should report any loss or damage to your Remover as soon as possible and no later than 7
days after taking delivery. You will be issued with a claim form to be returned to the Remover,
who will send it to the insurers claims settling agents, Removal Claims Service.

Claim notification period

The insurance requires that claims be notified to the Remover within seven days of delivery.
Loss or damage noticed at the time of delivery should be notified at that time. Any other item
of claim should be notified within seven days.
This notification period is important both for you and insurers. It is essential that a close link is
maintained between a claim and the incident giving rise to that claim. Where a claim is notified
late, it may be more difficult for insurers to connect your claim to the removal &/or storage.

How will my claim be assessed?

Your claim will be dealt with in accordance with the Terms and Conditions printed overleaf.
The basis of settlement will be the cost of replacement, repair or monetary compensation at
insurers option. In calculating a settlement the current used value of the lost or damaged item,
after deduction for age, wear and tear will be taken into account.
If a policy excess is shown in the conditions overleaf, it will be deducted from your claim
If you need to submit a claim… Your claim will be dealt with as quickly as possible. You can
help by:

  • Only claiming for items and loss or damage covered by the policy,
  • Being realistic with the amounts you are claiming, and
  • Submitting repair estimates with your claim form.