The Team

Hello from all our staff

Mason Heasley

Managing Director
Mason founded Extra Mile Movers alongside Ollie after a 8-hour trip to Scotland, where their love for removals needed to progress.

Having served at a professional firm, Mason joined the British Army to get some extra life experience. Mason oversees all aspects of EMM, and is excited for the future ahead.

Ben Evans

Head Surveyor
Ben started removals straight from school, and has gained years of experience in doing so.

There’s not much Ben hasn’t come across, and due to his passion for removals he deals with most client face-to-face. In his spare time, Ben enjoys the gym and playing football.

Morgan Robinson

Head of Transport
Morgan’s job involves maintaining the vehicles, so that they’re in tip-top shape for the road.

When Morgan gets his down time, you’ll find him socialising at the pub or playing football for his local team.

Oliver Barkway

Operations Manager
Has lots of National and European removals experience.

Oliver also joined the Navy to gain life experience and see the world. Whilst serving he has worked in removals on his leave periods to get that extra knowledge to then carry forward for when he leaves.

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